Saturday, January 24, 2015


Short  Throw Projector is the solution for presentation in tight spaces but requires a large image. With Short throw projector, we also do not need to worry there is a shadow that covers the image or light that highlights the presenter's face. 
This type of projector has a very short throw ratio, the distance from the projector to the screen than the screen size.
To illustrate , a regular projector with a 1 .5 :1 throw ratio will have to be 7 .5  feet returning to project a 60-inch wide image .
Very pleasant is that we can put the projector is only a few feet or inches from the screen. So with Short throw projector we do not need to worry about the narrow room of the house to watch a movie as in cinema or we can watch together sporting events abuzz.
Before you decide to buy a Short  Throw Projector, you should first read product specs and most importantly try to read some reviews from consumers who have bought or perhaps a review of the experts.
Here are some types of Short Throw Projector that there may be the way you want. Please Click on each product to determine the specifications and reviews.

For more models, you can visit:   Short Throw Projector
Happy shopping.