Friday, January 16, 2015


Cheap Projector with good quality available on the market with various criteria. Absolutely with a variety of criteria, it has just one aspect that wishes to find out of the projector, the highest image display.

Some people said  that the high priced of the projector, the much better the quality. This perception is not mistake, but it does not indicate that it's cheap projector display quality is bad , depends on the minuses and plusses owned by the projector.To get optimum image of the projector, to make the note a few things, such as :

1 . Source Resolution is every image resolution should view source refers  to the original resolution of the projector. For example : when you have a projector withSVGA image resolution, the availability of your display device ( of computer , notebook computers, and more)needs to stick with the projector into an SVGA image resolution of 800 x 600 .

2. Content is the document which will be presented. There are 3 types of content usually displayed are:

Image Content
If you wish to show the data files as image formats for example Jpeg , we must make sure to have the image resolution the same as original resolution ( native resolution ) of the projector . illustration : Assuming the projector have a original resolution ( native resolution ) XGA , so slide image should also surely have XGA resolution is 1024 x 768 .

Document Content
If you would like to show a document files like Word and Excel , you need to use the height and width of the letters or numbers with a minimum scale of 14 pts and more that should be viewed with very good writing .

Video Content
Do not forget to have a movie or video file format Full HD or 080p. It is the best resolution format currently . You will find via the content with the format Blu-ray Disc content

3. Connector and Connection port. To make the best view, must pay attention to the connector and connection port to be used. It should be noted that each connection port has different abilities,  choose the best connection port of the projector in accordance with the order of the best port connection to the lowest of the following: DMI,  DVI,  Component Video, VGA /D-sub15 pin, Svideo, composite.

4. Media Player , a component you must think about if you would like to get best picture . The media player usually are custom-made to the connection port of the projector which we have select before .

Recommendation : As well as deciding on a Cheap Projector with good quality must also select a current Blu-ray player or a laptop or pc that has a HDMI port if your projector has also a HDMI port .

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